My Experiences with MythTV

As a first time MythTV user I wanted to document my trial and error setting it up, so i figured what better way than to do it on a webpage. I'll start with my list of components below and then move onto what i needed to do to get it all working.


HTPC Top View HTPC Side View

First I setup the WD Cavier Green as my Media storage drive, I used this guide from MythTV to get me started and to help me setup the FSTAB. Below is my list of steps.

Here is my FSTAB entry

# this is the 2 terabyte drive /dev/sdc1 UUID=5b8f7536-bcf9-46f3-9c49-5454cc5dbce6 /media   xfs noatime,nodiratime,allocsize=512m      0       0

I had to follow this guide from MythTV to first get the HD Homerun Prime setup.

In order to get Mythbuntu to see the three tuners of the HD Homerun Prime i had to follow this guide

After Everything was Setup I wanted to export the shows I recorded so I could watch them on my ipad/iphone. I used Rileyp's post on an Australian forum here to setup MythTV to export the video files into an MP4 format.